A Bituminous Surface Treatment generally consists of aggregate spread over a sprayed-on asphalt emulsion (HFE-150, RS-2), polymerized emulsion (HFP) or cut-back asphalt (PG 46-28). Asphalt applications are done with a calibrated/computerized etnyre distributor to ensure an accurate rate of application of asphalt material. This type of roadway treatment has a wide variety of regional descriptive terms “oil and chip”, “tar and chip”, “seal coat”, or “oil and chat.” In order to obtain the best-finished product, a bituminous surface treatment has to be applied to a solid, prepared base. Whether a job requires one, two, or three coats of oil (HFE-150, RS-2, HFP or cut–back asphalt) and chips (CA-14 or CA-16) depends on the base. If the job is a new roadway, a prime coat (MC-30) should be applied. This further solidifies the base before the other coats are applied.

It is our main goal to ensure that when the asphalt and rock are applied, the base is prepared correctly. Illini Asphalt can provide you with proper base preparation services. All the aggregates and asphalt used are state inspected materials. Due to the fact that the asphalt has to cure at certain temperatures, the optimum time to oil and chip is April through October.

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In 1949 Eugene T. Simonds, Al Howell, Jack Campbell, & Charlie Harrison purchased Franklin Asphalt Co in Benton, IL.  The company did primarily oil and chip work.  Over the years Al, Jack, & Charlie’s interest in Franklin Asphalt was sold and Eugene T. Simonds became the sole owner.  By 1971 Franklin Asphalt was merged into E.T. Simonds Construction.

In 1975 Edward T. Simonds (Bill), Eugene T. Simonds only son, was ready to branch out on his own, and therefore founded Illini Asphalt Corporation at the age of 19.  The following year he asked Margaret (Salisbury) Simonds to be his wife, as well as his secretary for his new oil and chip business.  She agreed to both.  Currently, Edward is the General Manager and Margaret is the Office Manager.  Together, with many loyal and dedicated employees, Illini Asphalt has prospered for over 40 years.

Bill Simonds

Meg Simonds

It is our main goal to ensure that when the asphalt and rock are applied, the base is prepared correctly.

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