Illini Asphalt Corporation has a duty to provide a safe work environment for all employees. It is a basic responsibility of all management, no matter in what capacity they may function, to make safety a part of their daily concerns. This responsibility includes providing a safe workplace, safe equipment, as well as safe work procedures. To this extent, Illini Asphalt Corporation has developed a Safety Program that is to be adhered to by all employees. Employees should contact the Manager of Personnel & Safety for more information.
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Illini Asphalt Corporation has a duty to provide a safe work environment for all employees.


It is Illini Asphalt Corporation’s policy to prevent, to the extent possible, the adverse impact on the local environment of the Corporation’s construction activities at the job site. Illini Asphalt Corporation and its subcontractors will comply with all applicable provisions of federal, state and local environment/pollution control standards as they pertain to our construction projects. The intentional dumping/spilling of toxic chemicals, petroleum products or other hazardous substances is prohibited on the job site. Subcontractors will be required to cleanup and properly dispose of hazardous substances on the job site at their own expense. Each job site supervisor will be responsible for field employees complying with all construction site environmental/pollution control requirements. All hazardous products used by or generated by Illini Asphalt Corporation’s locations will be disposed of in accordance with all applicable federal, state and local laws. Accidental spills or toxic/hazardous substances meeting the E.P.A./I.E.P.A. reporting requirements will be promptly turned in to the Personnel & Safety Manager. The Personnel & Safety Manager will see that all initial reporting and reporting of cleanup and disposal procedures are met.

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